This document presents some additional conditions of hire which have been brought into force in order that Swinford Village Hall may reopen for selected events. These are in addition to, and do not replace, the “Terms and Conditions of Hire”

You, the hirer, are responsible for ensuring those attending your activity or event comply with COVID-19 Secure guidelines when entering and occupying the hall. They are detailed in these supplementary conditions.
1.1 Everyone attending your event must comply with current social distancing guidance whilst in the hall and whilst entering/exiting.
1.2 Everyone attending your event must make use of the supplied hand sanitiser upon first entering the hall and, as appropriate, throughout your event.
1.3 In order to mitigate the risk of coronavirus transmission, please try to maintain as much ventilation in the hall as is comfortable. This could include keeping internal doors open.

Permitted Events
2 Only activities permitted by current government guidance should take place in the hall. Should this guidance alter between a booking being taken and the event itself then it will need to be cancelled.

3.1 Everyone attending needs to remain circumspect about personal hygiene. As well as hand sanitiser being available at various points in the hall, soap and paper towels are provided in the toilet areas. The maxim “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It” must be followed and tissues disposed of in the bins provided.
3.2 Toilets – Attention to social distancing will be important should a queue develop for this facility. Anyone using the toilet must use the hand sanitiser before entering; they must also use the soap and paper towels provided before leaving the toilet area. Paper towels must be placed in the bin provided.

Cleaning – The hall will be cleaned on a regular basis before you arrive.
4.1 You will be responsible for cleaning all used surfaces during your period of hire (including tables, wash hand basins, door handles, light switches) using your own ordinary domestic cleaning products..
4.2 The chairs you use should be cleaned at the end of your event and the chairs stacked in the kitchen.
4.3 You are responsible for cleaning any equipment brought into the hall to facilitate your event. Similarly, any equipment taken from the hall’s storage cupboards must be cleaned before and after your event. In order to mitigate the risk of coronavirus transmission you should try to ensure that this equipment is handled by a minimum number of people.

Hall Seating Capacity and Social Distancing
5 Capacity is restricted and will be subject to the most up to date Government Covid-19 guidance in publication at the time of hiring. Where those attending your event are to be seated, you must devise an appropriate socially distanced seating plan which must be in line with current Government guidance. Where attendees are not seated (for example in an exercise session) 2 metre social distancing must be observed.

Attendance Records and NHS Test & Trace
6 You must keep a record of the name and telephone number of all those attending your event. After your event, you should retain your attendance record in a secure place for a period of 21 days in case it is required by NHS Test & Trace.

Food and Drink
7 No food or drink is to be prepared on the premises. Event attendees may bring in food and drink for their own personal consumption. They must also bring with them whatever utensils are required for its consumption (including cups, plates, glasses, and cutlery). ALL remaining food and drink, all utensils, and any associated rubbish must be removed from the premises at the end of the event.

Face Coverings
8 Face coverings to be worn on entering and whilst standing in the village hall. When you are seated, in a manner compliant with social distancing guidelines, you may remove your face covering in order to eat or drink. You must however put your face covering back on once you finish eating or drinking.
– certain individuals are exempt from wearing a face covering, including children under the age of 11, people who cannot do so because of physical or mental impairment or disability, and those assisting someone who relies upon lip reading.
– you are not required to use a face covering whilst “undertaking exercise or an activity and it would negatively impact your ability to do so”.

Waste Disposal
9 You are responsible for the disposal of all rubbish created. Remember also to clear any rubbish from the toilet areas, including paper towels. Secure all rubbish bags and place in the black bin outside.

Acquired COVID-19 Infection
10.1 In the event of someone becoming unwell with suspected COVID-19 while at the hall they must return home immediately.
10.2 If someone develops COVID-19 symptoms whilst, or within 7 days of, attending your event he/she MUST get a COVID-19 Antigen test immediately. They, or you (the event organiser) should also contact the Bookings Secretary so that use of the hall can be suspended. Should the test prove positive then NHS Test and Trace will contact you for details of everyone attending the event.
10.3 Whatever the result, the person in question, or you, should again contact the Bookings Secretary so that the appropriate action may be taken.

Temporary Closure of the Hall
11.1 The village hall committee may take action to temporarily close the hall and cancel/reschedule future bookings should the events described in 10 occur. In such circumstances a thorough cleaning of the hall will be arranged before any further activity may take place.
11.2 The village hall committee also reserves the right to close the hall if there are any safety concerns relating to COVID-19, for example if it is reported that these supplementary conditions of hire are not being followed, or in the event that public buildings are again requested or required to close.
11.3 Should a temporary closure of the hall become necessary we will do our best to inform you promptly. In any event, a notice to that effect will be posted on the village hall website. Any payment will be refunded to one off hirers and affected dates will not be invoiced to regular hirers.