SWINFORD VILLAGE HALL Registered Charity 521503


1. This agreement is made between Swinford Village Hall Committee (Committee) and the Hirer stated in this booking.

2. In consideration of the Hire Fee, the Committee agrees to permit the Hirer to use the premises specified, for the period specified, and for the purposes stated on the booking.

3. The Hirer agrees to observe and perform the provisions and stipulations contained or referred to in the Swinford Village Hall Conditions of Hire together with any other conditions (verbal or otherwise) which may be imposed by the Committee.

4. Hire Fee to be paid in advance.

5. If alcohol is to be sold/consumed on the premises the appropriate licence must be obtained from Harborough District Council by the Hirer.

6. The Hirer will report any breakages, damage to any fixtures and fittings to the committee. If, in the Committee’s opinion, any damage is discovered following the period of Hire as a matter of negligence by the Hirer, it will seek compensation toward the cost of repairs/replacement.

7. The Hirer further agrees that the Committee can use and hold its personal data, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulations, for the purposes of this Hire Agreement.